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Dec 27, 2021

Hello Confident Soul!

Have you ever found yourself stuck in the cycle of setting goals, feeling really excited to crush them, but then lose motivation after a few weeks, or days, or don’t even get started?


Do you feel frustrated, angry, bitter, or disappointed with yourself because you can’t seem to stay on track with what you set out to do? 


Do you know deep down that your desires are meant for you, but you’ve simply been having trouble putting them into action or actualizing them?


You are not alone. 


Learning about how to manifest with Human Design revolutionizes how you achieve goals. You will have more confidence that your goals will manifest because how you approach them feels natural for you and your energy.


In this episode we’re going to talk about what is manifestation, the problem with traditional goal setting, and how to manifest by your unique design. 


The following questions are answered: 

What is manifestation?

The problem with traditional goal setting

How Human Design revolutionizes how we set goals and manifest them

How you manifest by your design

Specific vs. non-specific manifestors

Active vs. passive manifestors

What happens if you lose motivation?

What if your goals don't happen in the time you set out?


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