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Jan 3, 2022

Hello Confident Soul!

Inside of a culture that measures value by productivity, it’s no wonder we are living through an epidemic of hustle, grind, over-working, burnout, and exhaustion.


Busyness and burnout have become a badge of honour that people wear with pride.


But let’s get real for a second. Does pushing yourself beyond your physical limits, constantly working to the point of exhaustion, and feeling like you have to earn your rest, sound like the dream life?


The world has drifted too far into the yang or masculine energy, and we’re forgetting and silencing the power of embodying the feminine.


Join Amber, and her friend and fellow coach, Melina Charis, in this episode for a conversation about a different path. A path the leads to success while honouring rest, your natural rhythms, and ultimately your authentic self. No burn out. No exhaustion. No over-busyness.


In this episode you will hear about:

Melina Charis' story/ journey— whatever you would like to share (0:05:27)

What does it mean to you to be “In Flow” (0:17:00)

What is toxic productivity?  (0:32:23)

What does it mean to “be” instead of “do”? (0:43:37)

Your life as a Projector navigating these concepts (0:46:50)

How has your overall health/life changed since adopting these principles (0:48:33)

Urgency culture and learning to slow down (or unlearning to be so “on”) (0:51:52)

What a person can do to “be” instead of “do” (0:53:19)


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