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Dec 20, 2021

Hello Confident Soul!


Learning to follow your intuition is like building a muscle.


With regular training you can build that muscle more and more.


With a variety of ways in which intuition speaks to us, each person’s intuitive muscle is going to need different training.


As you build that intuitive muscle, and then learn how to put that muscle to use, you build trust and confidence in yourself, and the higher power.


Join Amber and her friend and fellow coach, Erin Neely, for a conversation about the power of intuition, what might be blocking you from hearing your intuition, and what you can do to start training your intuitive muscle and using it with confidence.


Check out the questions Amber and Erin answer in this episode:


  1. What makes you feel most confident? (0:07:36)
  2. What is your story that led you to trusting to follow your intuition? (0:09:35)
  3. What does intuition mean to you? (0:15:32)
  4. What do you believe is the cost we pay when we don’t follow our intuition? (0:20:13)
  5. How did learning Human Design change the way you tune into your intuition? (0:24:30)
  6. What are some ways you believe people are blocking their connection to their intuition? (0:31:26)
  7. What do you recommend as action steps for people to start following their intuition? (0:41:14)
  8. How can others connect with you? (0:51:58)

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