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Dec 6, 2021

Hello Confident Soul!  

Think of yourself like a guitar.


Guitars regularly need tuning if you want them to produce a harmonious sound.


If you are an avid guitar player, then you know it’s totally normal and natural for a guitar to drift out of tune with or without use.


In fact you can even intentionally change the tuning of the strings to reach other depths of sound, because guitars are flexible that way, right?


Like drop D for example. There are so many beautiful depths of sound available.


Despite the fact that Drop D is beautiful, it’s important not to stay stuck in drop D, nor to stay stuck out of tune.


Because if you do, you won’t totally be in harmony with the other strings.


You, and more specifically your emotional wellness, are not so different from a guitar.


You have a beautiful range and depth of emotion to express, and regularly need tuning to stay in harmony.


In this episode we are going to dive deep into the idea of what it truly means to “vibe high” by exploring the Human Design G centre & Emotional Solar Plexus, the Law of Vibration & Attraction, the vagus nerve, and debunking myths about constantly staying “high vibe.”


Questions answered in this episode:

Where does Vibe high come from and what does it mean? (0:05:50)

What is toxic positivity? (0:08:30)

What does it actually mean to “vibe high”? (0:12:10)

What is nervous system flexibility? (0:13:29)

What is the Vagus nerve? (0:16:27)

How does the Vagus nerve connect with your Human Design? (0:20:53)

How Vagus nerve health manifests in your physicality (0:34:02)

Some signs of low vagal tone (0:34:26)

Signs of high vagal tone (0:35:18)

How to keep your vibe high, regulate the nervous system and care for the vagus nerve (0:39:22)



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