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Nov 29, 2021

Hello Confident Soul! Welcome back to another episode with Amber. In this episode Amber introduces you to the 9 energy centres in Human Design, each with their own theme of how they show up in your life.

Think of these 9 energy centres as cogs of a machine. When you align them in accordance to their design, they can spin freely without resistance.

But here’s the thing. Far too many people are trying to fit their cogs into the design of someone else’s machine; a different design from their own.

And so you see the cogs prematurely wear out, break, or burn out which is a results of trying to fit cogs into a formation that is misaligned with its design, therefore creating resistance, and preventing you from achieving your full potential.

But align the cogs with their design, and they spin freely without resistance, and there is no telling how fast they can spin because they are pure potential.


You, Confident Soul, are pure potential. You just need to align your cogs to experience it.


In this episode you will learn about:

The difference between undefined and defined centres (0:09:36)

The Head Centre (0:13:37)

The Ajna Centre (0:18:53)

The Throat Centre (0:26:56)

The G Centre (0:38:31)

The Heart Centre (0:55:34)

The Emotional Solar Plexus (1:06:19)

The Sacral Centre (1:21:07)

The Root Centre (1:30:19)

The Splenic Centre (1:38:33)

How to use this information in your life (1:44:40)

If you are struggling with your defined centres (1:46:48)

If you are struggling with your undefined centres (1:47:06)


Epidsode 28 - Human Design 101

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